• International Drinks

    • Cafe au Lait


      This French classic drink brings together the smoothness of brewed coffee and the creaminess of steamed milk.

    • Café con Leche


      Enjoy this 5oz customer favorite! The Café con Leche is 2oz of espresso pulled into sweetened condensed milk, then topped with cinnamon infused breve.

    • Cortadito


      This Cuban drink is the fusion of a Cubano sweetened espresso shot and a cortado. If you're looking for just a touch of sweet, but still creamy, this is the drink for you!

    • Dirty


      Inspired by the Bear Pond Coffee shop in Tokyo, Japan, the dirty is a creative espresso drink that is both tasty and beautiful to behold. The Dirty is made of layers of our Bad Dog coffee and Intelligentsia's Black Cat espresso into milk.

    • Flat White


      The Flat White is well loved in Australia and lands in-between a cortado in milk ratio with its well portioned 8oz size.

    • Greek Frappé


      Crafted in the traditional Greek style, the frappé is made from Greek Nescafé that is blended until frothy, topped with ice, and evaporated milk if desired.

    • Macchiato


      The macchiato is a classic Italian way to enjoy drinking coffee. Our macchiato is a double shot of espresso topped with a dollop of rich foam.

    • Melange


      The Austrian Melange is a unique blend of espresso and milk foam, which is then topped with whipped cream.